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Game Overview

Albert’s Journey is a story about a small brave creature who never gives up. His body is fragile but strong in mind he is. One day he gets lost in space and is forced to find a way back home. During the journey, he discovers new strange worlds and new beings who are either friendly or hostile. Albert doesn’t use violence. He is a pacifist but it does not mean he will not protect himself.

The game is going to be in an old school platformer style but with a new look and new approach.


Indie, Platformer, Retro, 2D, Pixelart,

Release Date

July 02, 2021


Bite My Pixel


Windows, Mac OSX

at least 13 Levels

Full game contains at least thirteen levels of full playable adventure, while by accident Albert will be forced to land on the unknown planet. During his journey he will find out what (or who) lives on this planet and what to do to leave it. Main character will develop his skills during a journey and in the final act he will have to make a serious decision, that have impact on the all living creatures on the planet.

Find out why local life forms are so hostile

Albert is pacifist but it does not mean he will not protect himself. 

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